Clone Manager

Clone Manager 10.1

Provides protein analysis functions and information about cloning simulations

Performs a series of analysis functions on enzymes. For example, it can find enzyme sites an view the enzyme info. Also, it can cut and ligate DNA, modify molecule ends and other processes related to DNA analysis. Draws graphic maps based on the analysis and print them.

Clone Manager Basic acts as an expert system to help with cloning simulation, enzyme operations and graphic map drawing. You can also use Clone Manager as a quick and easy way to view or edit sequence files, find open reading frames, translate genes, or find genes or text in files.
By using this tool you can use enzymes, simulate cloning, find enzyme sites, view enzyme info, do restriction enzyme analysis, plan cloning, draw graphic maps, print, copy to clipboard, export to file, open reading frame analysis
DNA, protein analysis functions.
The demonstration program comes with built-in sequence files. You cannot load your own sequence files, save modified files to disk, or save or use newly-created molecules. In most other respects, the demonstration program is fully functional.
You can open a sample view (like a molecule file) and then use toolbars and menus to try different features and functions of the program. Or visit locations where important data is accessed. You can also print or view user instructions, view program tutorials, or view a Quick Tour (overview) of Clone Manager Basic.

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